Design of OpenStack Cloud Data Center in My Mind

The subject has 3 meanings

  1. In OpenStack framework
  2. It’s a Cloud, which is dynamic, not static. Self service. You get what you need almost immediately.
  3. It’s production in data center with high volume traffic of CPU, disk and network

Technically, this is what I want to build

  • General scope into a/ OpenStack framework b/ SDN c/ Distributed storage (no SAN) d/ DevOps in production operation
  • SDN = Neutron (need HA as extra). Planned to integrate Juniper’s OpenContrail in 2~ 3 months with distributed network virtualization workload, if there is no legal challenge. Pure software defined.
  • Distributed storage by Ceph to hold VM instances/ Cinder volumes/ Glance images. At least into 3 copies across physical compute nodes.
  • Overall network architecture has 5 network segmentations
    • (I) management network – all OpenStack controllers, HA components, APIs
    • (II) VM network – traffic between VMs. Fiber network preferred
    • (III) Storage network – dedicated for distributed storage, driven by Ceph (or GPFS). Fiber network preferred
    • (IV) External to internet/ public network
    • (V) IMM – integrated management module (optional)
  • High availability design for all components. At least 3 nodes (node = VM or physical node)
    • (I) Galera active- active for MySQL database for management
    • (II) RabbitMQ with its own native cluster
    • (III) Neutron HA (for now by Pacemaker/ Corosync) or OpenContrail (controller workload natively distributed onto each compute node)
  • Chef cookbook & Heat automate all deployment and change.
  • Monitoring by Nagios/ Ganglia/ Zabbix
  • Log Analysis by LogStash
  • Metering by Ceilometer, native component from OpenStack
  • Performance tuning
    • Linux kernel optimization
    • Dedicated CPU cores > operating system, KVM libvirt, Ceph
    • Disk – grouping isolated for OS and storage services by different RAID configuration and RAID caching enabled
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