My Simple Diary of OpenStack Summit

This is my 3rd time attending OpenStack summit. The world is changing fast. Since I came back from OpenStack summit Atlanta, I do see new fresh air

  • Ceph, from Inktank, acquired by Red Hat months ago, a proved product which provides a file system cluster to host both Cinder (block) and Swift (objective) storage service
  • Docker, an open source software to offer virtualized process from LinuX Container (LXC). This ability is supported from Linux kernel to manage process (like Apache) in a container (like JVM container). It brings very obvious benefit in performance, security, flexibility perspective, better than Virtual Machine. Docker does have native integration with OpenStack already and I believe it would boom soon in cloud.
  • Galera, cluster framework to manage database in active- active mode. I talked to both Galera dev people at Summit and the founder of CloudScaling who already applied 7 nodes in their product which has 1,000+ compute node.
  • SDN (software defined network), by Neutron (default OpenStack component) and Juniper’s OpenContrail (open source). We’re collaborating with Juniper product management (DE to DE by Andrew Trossman and Juniper’s founder) to see how we could integrate OpenContrail into IBM’s OpenStack software (not just solution)

Recently I’ve been working with some large telco clients in the world about SDN. Customer wants to consolidate fragmented network resource (eg gaming app running in multiple locational data centers) with solid budget/ opportunity. I’m feeling that SDN right now is like cloud in 2008/ 2009 when each one was turning to pay attention to cloud but no solution at that moment. It could a chance of becoming the lead in this area, even a chance to replace other network giant(s) to touch/ shake network virtualization area. “Software Defined Everything” is re- shaping the world.

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