Apply VirtIO for KVM over KVM (Day 2)

I talked w/ David Ke Zhu @ dev team and confirmed that VirtIO is a mandatory plugin driver to apply in order to improve the IO performance of disk + network. HSLT depends on this driver. (Thanks to David).

Good > the install step is simple on host OS. Bad > all Windows VM need patched as well! (not Linux VM)
Apply the latest kernel on host OS. Supposed >= 2.6.31 and latest KVM associating to such level of kernel

Download virtio-win.iso package from supplemental disc

Install package onto Windows VM @ step: Procedure 12.1. Using virt-manager to mount a CD-ROM image for a Windows guest -> this step should update VM xml conf with appropriate param needed before VM system boot.

I can bet this would fix the issue as The virtio-win package contains the para-virtualized block and network drivers for all supported Windows guests.

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